It has ALWAYS been about the Lies, False Hope deliberately, and promises. If someone cannot help you, or even changes their mind years later then why tell you lies every day, or month, or week? Even as of this month Sylvia promised funding and said she has NEVER said she was not funding. Yet she NEVER has. Why the Constant Lies?

a Bit about Pastor Jeff White and Wendell White
for more on this coming soon

In Mid-March of 2017 I was living on the streets because of Pastor John Collins and his church, Bringing Back God Church, Love that Cross Ministries, sometimes called Pastor John Ministries.

Sylvia was still telling me daily that money is coming, the bank has been pinged, the money was wired, a check was sent to John, and constant promises of funding any day. I had been living on the street for over a years by then.

I called John desperate as circumstance were even worse than usual.  I had tried to take a job and things went drastically wrong.  Pastor John assured me that he could help me, he said that he would help get me a ticket to get where I needed to be.  He then said that Pastor Jeff White's father, Wendell White would be sending me $4000 and that I could get to safety and then either fly elsewhere or rent something to stay in while waiting or the funding.  The money did not come, my situation got dangerously worse.

Pastor John Collins said that Jeff White told him that Wendell White, Jeff's father was sending the money to help and that he had to up the limit on his cards, and that they had faxed the paperwork. Not only did this not happen but John did not say another words about it, months pasts, I got help, found a way to borrow money to get out of a dangerous situation until his newly promised money per Pastor Jeff White's promise came through. By June I decided to ask John again, because he did not even bother letting me know and he said again at this time that Jeff had told him that his Dad was doing it. They let me simply drown for months without even a word that they could not help. It is not about not being able to help, it is about constantly lying to people in desperate situations and making things WORSE with false hope. Never Ending False Hope and NEVER any actual facts.

So did Jeff lie to John? Or did John lie to me? or did Wendell lie to Jeff?  Who knows. However, I do know that Sylvia PROMISED them both that she was reimbursing all who helped me to survive until her funding.

Sylvia White agreed, contracted, promised, pledged that she would reimburse Pastor John's church, this included his associates or wherever he got the money, any money used to get Crystal by as promised would be part of the funding, the donation and that Sylvia White would 100% pay back all parties. This was as of March of 2014. No one has been paid back as far as I am aware. In fact I was told that Sylvia got weekly money, monthly money from her inheritance and simply let us freeze, let John's family and me suffer as she continued to lead us all on that it would be any day.

Pastor John Collins, per agreement between us all ( Sylvia E. White, Jeff White, Bringing Back God Church and all associate pastors and connected at the time), the agreement was to make sure I had housing ( a roof over my head), auto insurance, my storage paid and phone until Sylvia's family funding came through to Pastor John's church and to my church, both 501 3(c) corporations.  Sylvia's family funding was to pay Pastor John's church back every single penny he spent to make sure these things were paid, so I could survive until the funding.

They did so for awhile, as they moved me from hotel room to hotel room, daily, weekly. I ended up losing my auto insurance, lost my phone, and lost my vehicle. They stopped helping in any way at all in the late spring of 2016.  Before this it was constant stress moving from hotel rooms all the time and never knowing if there would be food money. Every time I talked of moving on and it being over, they insured me that the funding was real and was really going to happen, it did not. Only years of lies, making my life, friends, family, business the collateral damage of their agenda (whatever that truly was).

I have never spoken to Jeff White. He seems to be a nice man however certainly a push over and naive. Or he is simply involved in the same ways, I am not sure.

As you can see from Sylvia White's first emails it was to be Sylvia and Jeff that were promising funding to John's church and to my church / healing center. As far as I am aware they never did fund John's church and as for me, not a dime came from Sylvia as per promised for years.

What makes people constantly promise grandiose money to charities or churches? I suppose it is Ego. However, for people to promise funding daily, weekly and talk of bank wires, and pings and give information to truly make it look real for years and not even help you to get off the street, then call themselves Pastors, Christians. Well this I will never Understand.

What really happened with this latest Wendell White donation? Did it exist? Meanwhile I went into debt to more people and burned all the bridges, I suppose that was part of their plan. I am convinced at this point that Sylvia White is either a very dark, demonic person who destroys lives for pleasure or that she is mental incapacitated and should not be making any legal decisions.

Not sure how she got away with huge IRS messes such as the one January 2017 which she claimed FROZE her money and that is why the funding wires were stopped. Oh but then she told me how lucky I was because John had friends in high places and the IRS was called off. ( What was this load of crap really about?)

Then years ago some issue with the girl scouts and the IRS what was that, and did John's friends help her with that too?  And how in the wold does one admit to stealing $100,000 and not even have a criminal complaint? Why is Jeff and John protecting Sylvia? What have they to gain?

Who is John's alleged Department of Justice connections, and why did they not really prosecute Sylvia White?

What really happened with Marc Randazza and the alleged Bar Complaint Sylvia, Cindi, John, Kim, Kelsi and more were testifying about? What was True if anything at all ?

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