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Pastor Sylvia White CLAIMED to be in South Carolina.

She lied daily about funding and caused massive harm. More on that coming soon. However, in 2016 Sylvia was Lying about being in South Carolina and making up all sorts of stories. Really she was going to church in Billings Montana, more on that story SOON.

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July 22nd, 2014 Sylvia White has NEWS and wants a phone call. God told her to go to Australia and that I have to go with her or stay in LIMBO forever and ever.

Sylvia Prickett White had been promising, pledging funding since March of 2014. At this time, however, she told me funding was only available if I went to Australia with her. I copied the texts, and I forwarded them at the time to Pastor John Collins for safekeeping and to let him and the Bringing Back God Church know what Sylvia White was up too.

June 22nd 2014

"Yes I Did Lie. Fear Loneliness. You know what that is. I have it to. Come with Me and Mentor me. You are so good. I will take care of you health wise."

COMPLETE lies. She rendered those involved homeless, she made people's health suffer including mine, rendering me homeless and with health issues, NOT help but the opposite.

"If you don't leave for awhile in the great scheme of things in a very little while, you won't have the castle, a home or your ministry. The funding won't come through I know it, I heard it. I Believe it."

The Castle being Manresa in Port Townsend as it was for sale and she claimed to be donating the money for my church to buy the castle and make it into my church.

So if I don't DO WHAT SYLVIA says then I will be homeless, have no church, and have no ministry.

"I want the funding too, it means I get to go live on a Ranch. It means I get to help people like you, save souls. If we don't do this the world will suffer.  I know it as sure as I Breath."

Keep in mind here Folks, the HE she is talking about is GOD.
"I am only his handmaiden He is telling me the money will not be released that it will stay in limbo and so will we.  I am not in charge of my life God is. I do not disobey anymore."

Sound like a CURSE doesn't it. She put us all in LIMBO for years and claimed she was the handmaiden of GOD and GOD told her to do it.

"The Money will Stay in Limbo. I am NOT in Charge of My Life God is." She blamed God for her Evil actions.  more on this coming soon.

"I can learn so much from you. You are so much stronger than I am spiritually. I see so much of me in you but more. I need to learn that from you. That's something Pastor John can't do for me. It's certainly nothing Jeff could teach me either. Come with Me."

""The IRS is holding up my money. I have 7 million. My cousin will mach it when it is released. I have to fund you. I also have to go to Australia before it can happen. I don't want to go alone. I did ask I did ask God how I was supposed to do that. The answer was it will happen. I know too that I can't do mission work to Pastor John until I fund.""

HERE is a VIDEO of the Texts

More on this Coming Soon, there are many layers here as Sylvia was the former Secretary, and she had violated my privacy rights in a legal case, more of that is on this blog. However the abuse and harassment in the Australia trip exchange is quite disturbing to say the least. More on aspects of all this coming soon.

Versailles, Kentucky

Got a Tip? ReverendCrystalCox@gMail.com

We are Way Past the First Week of July 2017 and still Sylvia Prickett White's lies continue.

"Sylvia White <sylvania1007@gmail.com>
To Crystal L. Cox, in Love and Light Jul 26 at 11:56 AM

Hello Crystal.

I can’t tell you enough how much of a relief this is.  I am SO sorry for everything that’s happened to you and to Pastor John. I apologize for everything.  Most of it was my fault through greed.  More more more.  I thought if I had more, I could do more.  More for Pastor John, more for you, more for me.

Investing was a good idea.  Then it took longer than I thought it would and things happened, then more stuff happened and it got away from me. The money is absolutely real. Absolutely. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.  Greed got in the way, and then I got really tired of keeping up with things.  Burned out.

The last time I spoke to the investors they said it would be the last week of July, first week or so of August.  I am going to pay my obligations to Pastor John back, all of it.  I am going to take care of the funding for you.  The money IS real.  I truly didn’t mean to hurt anyone, but greed and not a little bit of ego and pride got in the way.  I am really very sorry for all of it.

I didn’t mean to hurt you or Pastor John.  I am asking for forgiveness and a new start.

God bless you.

"Most of it" Sylvia White says. However, ALL of it is her fault. Pain to countless people, suffering in extreme circumstance and all the while he lying that relief would come to people involved any day. Cruel at best.


A Work of Hope; A Mission of Evil

Below is the Mission, Homepage Statement of a Work of Hope. Sylvia Prickett White owns the domain name and registered the company to the same address. There is NO Hope, no Truth, no Mission of Truth or God with these Folks, Do your Homework. Flat out Lies.

 "A Work of Hope, What We Believe

A Work of Hope believes in the written word of God, The Holy Bible, in its entirety.  2 Timothy 3:16 (NIV) says, "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work."  In that, we strive to be biblically correct, not politically correct.  We measure our actions against the Holy Bible, to the best of our ability.

A Work of Hope knows that religion is man-made We do not follow mandated rules and rituals.  We are here to serve God and Jesus Christ.  We do not believe that there should be differences between denominations or that there should be rules to loving Jesus.

We are all one church.  We believe that Jesus Christ is the head of that church. We strive to keep it simple and follow the Holy Bible. We strive to follow God’s rules as written in the Holy Bible. We honor God and Jesus Christ.  We are not here to please people.

We are not judgmental and we welcome all.  It is our goal to reach the lost, to help the poor just as it is written:  “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me….Truly I tell you whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25: 35-40 (NIV).

We know that there is apathy in Christianity and the hearts of people.  We are here to inspire true faith in others through example.

We believe that you cannot pick your faith buffet style, choosing what suits or who to serve.  We strive to serve all those who have a need, non-judgmentally, just as Jesus Christ taught us to be.  Every person we come into contact with is a soul and needs to find their way to Christ.

We believe EVERYONE deserves a chance, no matter who they are.  Everyone deserves a chance to find their way home to God."

Source of these Lies

Nick Kirsch of Work of Hope; Sylvia Prickett White owns the domain name and her Tree of Hope Ministries is Registered to the same address.

 Ex-Addict, Street Preacher, SEO Marketing Expert, Friend of Sylvia White of Work of Hope. What is the True Motive of Nick Kirsch of Work of Hope? Most likely money, plenty of it paid by the Dark Evil Deeds of Pastor Sylvia White.

At the time Sylvia Prickett White registered aworkofhope.com. I am Homeless, living in my leaky Truck. Sylvia claims the money is going to be wired the next day. She does this daily or weekly. No money yet, hang in there. Meanwhile she funds a church in Billings Montana and pays someone to blog about me, promote John and continues to LIE LIE LIE.

Sylvia's aWorkofHope.com  and here Tree of Hope Ministries is the Address of the First Christian Church in Billings MT. She most likely bought that building, a home and well is enjoying her Filthy Dark Riches as she preys on people for what reason or motive, I will never understand. I can be certain it is not of God, of Divinity as I see it.

A Work of Hope. Tree of Hope Ministries Pastor Sylvia White
TREE OF HOPE MINISTRIES (A250519) which is Active, Registration Date; 04/04/2016
Expiration Date; 04/04/2021.   Business Description; MINISTRY
Applicant Business Mailing Address
522 N 29TH STREET, BILLINGS, Montana, 59101, United States

Sylvia White, Tree of Hope Ministries
522 N 29TH STREET, BILLINGS, Montana, 59101
This is the Address according to the Montana SOS website.

AworkOfhope.com is Registered to:
Admin Name: Sylvia Prickitt
Admin Organization: A Work of Hope
Admin Street: 522 N 29th Street

Note they  both are to the same address in Billings, MT. So either Sylvia White is using that address or she bought that church. There is no sign or her "people" associated with the church at that location, so I don't know why she is using that address, who knows.

The First Christian Church is listed as located at 522 N 29TH STREET, BILLINGS, Montana

Before she had said that Nick was marketing. Thing is this guy was marketing Pastor John Collins, John said without his permission or knowledge. I don't believe that. The style was the same as the Fionna Hate Blogs attacking me, and for crazy reasons I don't to this day understand.

The Address and Phone number for AworkOfhope.com is the First Christian Church Billings Montana. I have messaged that church and have no response. I have asked them if they know Pastor Sylvia White, I have got no response. The website has a nice big church, the domain and the State records for Tree of Hope ministry is the same the First Christian Church Billings.  Clearly Sylvia has financially assisted the First Christian Church Billings and has her ministry that is registered to her as is the domain name for the ministry.

Sylvia allegedly had a Protective Order at this time, yet she hired a guy to Blog good things about Pastor John Collins and his ministry, blogs that looked similar to the Fionna Blogs (more on that later). She set up a ministry, paid for all this while telling me she could not help me with food or shelter but telling me that it would end soon. She MALICIOUSLY lied and kept me in poverty in the streets with her false contracts and flat out lies. Every time I asked John if he believed she was funding me, he would say yes. I waited. I Drowned. They maliciously, deliberately ruined my life.

Below is an email exchange regarding my finding out Sylvia had the church and ministry in Billings Montana with Nick Kirsch.

Also note in these, LIES below mentioning Cashiers Checks MAILED yet they never were.

Subject:A work of Hope
From:Crystal L. Cox, in Love and Light (savvybroker@yahoo.com)
Date:Tuesday, September 20, 2016 2:16 AM

It seems that you and John are speaking again and working on a church together in Billings.

There is alot of PR out there on the Work of Hope Ministry in Billings and you are registered as owning the Domain name. I know you said you did not want anything to do with Jeff, so I am not sure if you know about this or not. You probably do and I have just been tricked and misled by John and the whole funding thing for years.. 

Registrant Name: Sylvia Prickitt
Registrant Organization: A Work of Hope
Registrant Street: 522 N 29th Street
Registrant City: Billings
Registrant State/Province: Montana
Registrant Postal Code: 59101
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.4062593368
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax: 
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email: nkirsch32@gmail.com
Registry Admin ID: 
Admin Name: Sylvia Prickitt
Admin Organization: A Work of Hope
Admin Street: 522 N 29th Street
Admin City: Billings

Reverend Crystal Cox"

Sylvia White <sylvania1007@gmail.com> wrote:
On Tuesday, September 20, 2016 12:34 PM,

Hello Crystal.

A work  of Hope is a street ministry that a friend of mine has.  He was one of the people I worked with in Florida.  He was an addict.  He was called by God to set up street ministries all over the United States.  There's one in Florida, one in Montana, one in California, and one in Pennsylvania to my knowledge.  He is good on the computer.  I bought the domain and helped him out.  I suggested he do blogs and such on Pastor John to build his SEO presence.  Pastor John knows nothing about Nick.  Apparently Nick has a small group of people working with him.  Nick does other things too, a free store, a thrift store...odd jobs, sets people up with income by doing odd jobs.  Gets them out of the streets.  I believe he runs a shelter or something too.  Not sure.  I only helped him with the domain set up and suggesting Pastor John.

According to the investigation by the financial institution, the checks still have not been deposited by Pastor John.  They are trying to track them down through the delivery system they used.  I've showed the documentation to Jeff by fax, so they are aware.  The paperwork for you has been completed.

No one is leading you on.  Why are you so suspicious that I would do that?  I'm sorry I make you feel that way.  It makes me terribly sad. ..

God bless you.

Nicholas Kirsch a Work of Hope, Nicholas Kirsch's "Mission is to assist those in need with a hand up not a hand out", yet he helped Pastor John Collins and Pastor Sylvia White DESTROY my life and many others.

Oh and How Blatant Right. I talked to John for years daily, then weekly, and he must have said a thousand times, "a hand up, not a hand out" an ya Right John has NOTHING to do with this guy or Sylvia using him to Promote Pastor John Collins and Love that Cross Ministries.

Nicholas Kirsch ex Addict Sylvia met in Florida, SEO guy, 
Preacher, handyman, retailer, Independent PR / Marketing Firm
or a Dark Co-Conspirator?

The Guy did Press Releases for John and Sylvia, and was most likely involved in the infamous Fionna Blogs. Yet they all LIE constantly and for What Possible Reason?

A Work of Hope? Really? Hope for WHO?

"Nicholas Kirsch
522 N 29th St. Billings, Montana
Phone: 406-591-9025
URL: http://www.aworkofhope.com

Faith based, non-profit, small business serving local companies and individuals, including SEO, Web advertising, Home improvement, Retail sales, in addition to other services. Mission is to assist those in need with a hand up not a hand out to find gainful income for those who need it, and provide individuals with the tools needed for employment."

Source of above
oh and Check Out the Links to all the Press Releases for Pastor John Collins who claims he has nothing to do with Sylvia. 

Also Check Out
All about Pastor John Collins who claims he is not connected to Sylvia White, ALL LIES.
(in Nov. 2016 I was literally freezing living in my Truck, they were telling me that funding was any day, oh it was wired, oh bank issue, and well on and on. Meanwhile they were promoting their ministry and moving on footless and fancy free.)

Sylvia helped set up this non profit, this in connection to her Tree of Hope Ministries, yet claimed she did not have money to help with food, as I was sleeping on the ground literally and in my truck, freezing and leaking water on my head with no money. She is lying about funding, she is Bait and Switch daily HUGE financial lies and even contracts she never intended to honor. Yet finds the money to pay this guy to market Pastor John Collins and sets him up with a non-profit and a building for it to be in.

Sylvia registers the Domain Name, sets up the non-profit, all at same church address. Pastor John is made aware by me in the fall of 2016 and claims he is mad and has nothing to do with the blogs, he is going to shut them down, blogs that promote him. Yet he does not. Then claims he has nothing to do with Sylvia.  What a CROCK.

Nicholas Kirsch a Work of Hope.  His WHOLE business is about Promoting Pastor John Collins and he does so via a domain name / website owned by Sylvia Prickett White. Ya nothing to do with any or it. What a bunch of sleaze bags and for what motive? Certainly not God, Honor and the TRUTH.

Company Name:  A Work of Hope
Phone Number:  406-591-9025
522 N 29th St Billings MT 59101
Independent PR / Marketing Firm

Company Profile

A Work of Hope is a faith based ministry. We are committed to helping those in need with a hand up. Services include temporary housing, job placement and assistance, meals, retail thrift and free store, and independent public relations. A Work of Hope serves communities across the United States.

Source of Above

Temporary Housing, meanwhile I slept in the Street as they attacked me, lied to me. They did not help me with a home, a job, meals. Instead they CREATED this condition.

Pastor John Collins claims he has NOTHING to do with Sylvia or with Nick Kirsch who is CLEARLY continuing to market Pastor John. 

Montana Christianity June 22 2017 ( there are lot's more)


Recently Pastor Sylvia White Said:

"Sylvia White <sylvania1007@gmail.com> Jul 24, 2017 at 11:14 AM


" I have already I admitted to"

433 PM on December 30th 2015

"(423) 220-6605

Crystal, you know as well as I do that he won't do it. He is just too weak. I'm not being mean but you also know as well as I do that he IS a wuss and won't do anything to negatively effect his church. And really, he does not have anything except what I have already I admitted to. Since I will be paying that back they won't charge me. But I am still going to do what the attorney said about getting funds put back into account."

"he knows I took money"

10:56 PM on December 39th 2015

"(423) 220-6605
Well, he knows I took money and said it was for one thing and used it for another. He could have filed federal charges but he did not. So yes, he is a nice guy. Im sorry for what I said. But, he has never done anything to anyone who screws him so he won't do anything now either"

Sylvia White is a Pathological LIAR. She ruins lives and Never tells the Truth.

December 25th 2015 9:17 PM

"423) 220-6605 (Sylvia then Number)

What is your problem? I don't want to be done and if that meants losing everything, I will. But Vivian and I have been talking a lot and it is a BLESSING they have not done anything. No matter what I will NOT turn my back on Jeff nor Pastor John.

I am going to have it released. Yes, it was with an investment group. I NEVER should have said the things I did about Pastor John and will regret it FOREVER. Vivian and I both regret what we said.
I have to fill out forms to release the money and I will be doing that tomorrow. I am going to send you a contract of funding. "

8PM same Day

"(423) 220-6605

Pastor John is an asshole.

He stepped in on the conference today and told me to release now or the board is filing criminal charges immediately .

The attorney said I will be looking at 10 years if I don't do it. 8:00 PM
I can't believe Pastor John's PUSSY ASS grew balls today. The church attorney is involved and called me. I was told the church is going to press forward if I do not do what I said I would in reference to Jeff and all the monies owed. "

848 PM Same Day

"(423) 220-6605

You're right, I want to apologize for what I said against Pastor John. I will tell Jeff to tell him as well that I am sorry. If I could help half the people he does, it would be a blessing. I was wrong to let emotions play a part of this. I was wrong. If Pastor John would help and give me advice, I know it would make it easier.

No matter what I said about Pastor John, I respect him and would never do anything to hurt him. Pastor John at any time could have made it so that I never had a ministry, but he did not. He gave me chance after chance and I actually just only wanted to do the right thing.

I wanted to make Pastor John and Jeff proud of me. I go about things wrong, over greed and a temper. I can't talk to Pastor John but if I could I would apologize to him myself. It just sucks my greed and dollar signs got in the way of doing what he always taught. That was to do my best, to do the right thing, and help everyone I can. I lost focus of that. "8:48 PM

923 PM Same Day

"(423) 220-6605

What is your problem? I don't want to be done and if that meants losing everything, I will. But Vivian and I have been talking a lot and it is a BLESSING they have not done anything. No matter what I will NOT turn my back on Jeff nor Pastor John.

I am going to have it released. Yes, it was with an investment group. I NEVER should have said the things I did about Pastor John and will regret it FOREVER. Vivian and I both regret what we said.
I have to fill out forms to release the money and I will be doing that tomorrow. I am going to send you a contract of funding."

"Yes I'm still funding you." MAY 2017. Never Happened. It was ALL Evil Dark Lies from Pastor Sylvia White of Tree of Hope Ministries

Sylvia White <sylvania1007@gmail.com>Fri, May 19, 2017 at 11:30 AM
To: Reverend Crystal Cox <reverendcrystalcox@gmail.com>
Good morning Crystal. 

It's been weeks of red tape and bickering back and forth between Jeff and I. Yes I'm still funding you. I signed papers yesterday. It's all very frustrating to me and I get really sad because all I want is to be done and move on. Plus I've had bronchitis and been sick for three weeks. 

Hope you are doing well.

Take care and God bless you.



"Crystal if I didnt believe in your vision I wouldnt have worked this hard this long for you or for Pastor John" LIES LIES LIES

Sylvia White <sylvania1007@gmail.com>Wed, Feb 8, 2017 at 10:23 PM
To: Crystal Cox <reverendcrystalcox@gmail.com>
Crystal if I didnt believe in your vision I wouldnt have worked this hard this long for you or for Pastor John. In spite of what you believe, I DONT have access to my money until this is resolved. Ive been in conference fighting that clause with Jeff and the attorney for the past two days which is why I havent been able to talk much. 

In addition, today I was in a conference until late with the financial people and my attorney. I will have it all, every penny for you next week. That includes Pastor John. Your silent partnership papers are also being finalized. Rest assured Crystal, this is all falling into place and it will be a beautiful blessing for you. Im hoping too to set up a retreat for you and Linda in Kuaii for a couple months. I thought you would both enjoy that. 

God bless you Crystal.


Slithering Sylvia Says, "Its all happening pretty quickly and its a beautiful thing to watch fall into place for you"

Sylvia White <sylvania1007@gmail.com>Fri, Feb 17, 2017 at 3:23 PM
To: Crystal Cox <reverendcrystalcox@gmail.com>
Hi Crystal.

I truly hope you have had a blessed week. You have been in my prayers. 

The funding is processing and when they get it done, it will be done. Thank God. Its all happening pretty quickly and its a beautiful thing to watch fall into place for you. They will finish it Tuesday since Monday is a holiday.

This is going to be done and you will finally have peace. I pray you can do something lovely this weekend.

God bless you and hugs,


"There is an absolute zero percent chance that this funding won’t be next week. Believe that" FUNDING was always a LIE. Sylvia White of Tree of Hope Ministry makes people homeless and ruins lives she does NOT help people.

Sylvia White <sylvania1007@gmail.com>Fri, Feb 10, 2017 at 2:31 PM
To: Crystal Cox <reverendcrystalcox@gmail.com>
Hello Crystal.

I will ask the attorney to scan and email what he can.  I believe, if I understood him correctly, that there are some papers that will be notarized for signatures, will need yours on it, and will need to go by snail mail and be returned by snail mail with your signature.  

There is an absolute zero percent chance that this funding won’t be next week.  Believe that. 

My chest congestion seems to be clearing, and I’m thankful.  You are in my prayers for a dry warm place to stay.  I hope you are staying well. 

Take care, hugs and God bless you. You are loved very much.


Source Document

Feb 9, 2017 STILL Professing to be Telling the FLAT OUT TRUTH. Which were actually FLAT OUT LIES.

Sylvia White <sylvania1007@gmail.com>Thu, Feb 9, 2017 at 12:41 PM
To: Crystal Cox <reverendcrystalcox@gmail.com>
Hello Crystal. I have reached out to the attorney to get copies for you. When I get them, I will send them to you as well as the papers for the silent partnership in my ministry. 

Crystal, the flat out TRUTH, which is what you deserve, is that you are getting what I have promised you. This is happening...and it has been a long time. Its no wonder you are discouraged and disgusted. You have endured so very much and you are such a strong person with a heart for people. You are an example for maintaining positiveness in the face of straight up uncertainty and frustration.  

I am really looking forward to seeing what you do with your healing center. And healing for you and Linda will be in order.

Hang in there Crystal. You are loved.

God bless.

Original Email Source

Sylvia tells me I am Loved. All the while knowing I am sleeping in my truck and have no money whatsoever, and daily she claims to be funding my church so I wait. Yes Tricks on Me. DO NOT TRUST PASTOR SYLVIA WHITE with your life. She is PURE EVIL. 




Pastor Sylvia White Tree of Hope Ministries Billings Montana and South Carolina

A Work of Hope. Tree of Hope Ministries Pastor Sylvia White

TREE OF HOPE MINISTRIES (A250519) which is Active, Registration Date; 04/04/2016
Expiration Date; 04/04/2021.   Business Description; MINISTRY
Applicant Business Mailing Address
522 N 29TH STREET, BILLINGS, Montana, 59101, United States


Flat out Lies to a Federal Court by Bringing Back God Church and porn attorney Marc Randazza

"10. In the course of this litigation, I have been in phone communication with a man who
identifies himself as Reverend John Collins. Mr. Collins, as he is known to me, has told me that
Cox has repeatedly threatened him with the same actions she has taken against me in this case. I
have been in communication with Mr. Collins for two years, and my understanding is that his fear
– and Cox’s threats – have persisted for that entire time. However, Mr. Collins has informed me
that he is too afraid of Cox’s retaliation – as she has threatened to take the same actions against him
that she has used against me in this case, and against Kevin Padrick in the Obsidian Finance case –
to come forward to discuss Cox’s conduct on his own, or to stop sending her money.

11. In addition to cash payments, Mr. Collins reported to me that he pays Cox’ rent, and
provides material and financial support to Cox and her associates as well – including paying for
Cox’s cell phone service.

12. In a recent phone call, Mr. Collins claimed that he and other members of his church
send Cox approximately $4,000 per month, in order to protect them from Cox engaging in a similar
campaign against Mr. Collins and his church. I have personally viewed proof of thousands of
dollars of payments to and on behalf of Cox. I have attached true and correct receipts of $2,400 in
Western Union payments to Cox, which I have also personally reviewed, made on October 11
($200), 17 ($200), and 23 ($2,000), 2013, as Exhibit F, with minor redacted to remove banking and
zip code information. However, it is my understanding that those payments frequently are made by
cash deposits to Cox’s bank accounts, and the bank accounts of her associates.

13. Mr. Collins further informed me that Cox has engaged in actions to evade the
Court’s orders by, for example, enlisting third parties to also register domain names such as
<randazzanews.com>. While the domain name registration for this domain name reflects an
“Alexandra Mayers” as the registrant, Mr. Collins informs me that the only person with access to
the domain’s control is Cox.

14. <RandazzaNews.com> contains a particularly offensive illustration of myself and a
porn actress who is supposed to be my daughter, who is currently 5 years old, in the future. I have


These are Flat out LIES. Crystal Cox never had access of any kind nor ownership of a site called RandazzaNews.com.  Randazza was clearly working with BBG church and directly against my rights, more on all this coming soon.

Also lies about Collins and claims of money given and violation of my privacy in my marketing for the BBG church, my spiritual counsel and my church / missionary work as they clearly told everyone at the time. More on that later.

Pastor Sylvia White as then Secretary of Bringing Back God Church in Marietta PA flat out lied to attorney Marc Randazza while at that same time telling me she believed in what I was doing and sending me marketing information for the church of which I was to be paid to market.

"Cox begins by alleging that Randazza has “threatened,” “scared,” and “bullied” people into
giving him information. (ECF 184 at 1) To the contrary, these parties have sought out Randazza,
fearful that Cox will do to them what they have done to him or to voluntarily provide information
because Cox has threatened them with her well-documented extortion scheme (see ECF 179-2).
On March 5, 2014, an individual who has been providing financial support to Cox known as
“Sylvia White” told Randazza that she “will be more than happy to assist [him] in any way
possible.” (Exhibit A at 2) On March 6, 2014, upon learning that the United States Court of
Appeals for the Ninth Circuit denied Cox’s request that it the observation that she “apparently has a
history of making similar allegations [of illegal activities] and seeking payoffs in exchange for
retraction” from its opinion in Obsidian Finance Group LLC v. Cox, 740 F.3d 1284, 1287 (9th Cir
2014), Sylvia White commented “Let[’]s hope more people in the media write about it so she is
exposed on the Internet.” (Exhibit B at 1-2) Sylvia went on to reference the extortionate conduct
toward John Collins that Randazza previously discussed (ECF 181-1 ¶¶ 10-13), stating “I don’t like
what [Cox] is doing to Pastor John [Collins] and what she stands for,” and that she “watched [Cox]
repeatedly try to destroy [Collins] mentally.”

"Finally, Cox references a “Confidentiality Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement” with
Mr. Collins. (ECF 184 at 3) Once again, this is an issue between Cox and Mr. Collins. Cox has
not provided the Court a copy of this agreement, which she claims is written. (Id.) While Cox
claims at great length that Randazza improperly obtained information from Mr. Collins and
parishoners of his church, she provides no evidence in support of this assertion. In contrast,
Randazza’s evidence paints a drastically different picture. Contrary to Cox’s claims, Mr. Collins
and his parishoners, including Sylvia White, voluntarily provided Randazza with information about Cox, including her phone records and evidence of thousands of dollars of payments to her."

"Cox’s claim is facially unbelievable, and Plaintiffs presume that the Court sees this flailing falsehood for what it is. Sylvia White, who sent Cox thousands of dollars in October when Cox was not participating in this litigation "


At this same time Sylvia White contacted me ans said how much mental stress John was in and that I helped him daily and one time had even saved his life according to her. While at the same time flat out LYING to attorney Marc Randazza.

There was no well documented extortion scheme, no criminal complaint ever and the Obsidian case was NOTHING to do with extortion, it was a Defamation Lawsuit period.

There was no history of posting and asking for money, this was simply untrue, PERIOD.

Sylvia flat out lied to Randazza about Cox and has massive Liability. However currently Sylvia White is still Above the Law and has no remorse for the lives she has ruined in her wake.

More On Sylvia White, as secretary of  Bringing Back God church and her correspondence with the Opposition in Crystal Cox's case and the statutes of law she has violated in doing such.

Coming Soon

Also why did Sylvia White have acces to Crystal's phone records? Crystal never consented to this. Pastor Collins must have given Sylvia access or she flat out lied again to Randazza.

Sylvia White as the secretary and as she called it the money gatekeeper of Bringing Back God Church, gave Crystal Cox's private information in her work, counsel and association with Pastor John Collins and with the BBG church. More on the Laws I believe this violates coming soon.