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Soon there will be a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Filed against Pastor Sylvia E. Prickett White of Tree of Hope Ministries

August of 2014 Australia, 
Walk on the Beach with me and Hold Hands or GOD will NOT Fund you.

More on this Coming Soon.
The TRUTH about Sylvia White of Tree of Hope Ministries


Flat out Lies to a Federal Court by Bringing Back God Church and porn attorney Marc Randazza

"10. In the course of this litigation, I have been in phone communication with a man who
identifies himself as Reverend John Collins. Mr. Collins, as he is known to me, has told me that
Cox has repeatedly threatened him with the same actions she has taken against me in this case. I
have been in communication with Mr. Collins for two years, and my understanding is that his fear
– and Cox’s threats – have persisted for that entire time. However, Mr. Collins has informed me
that he is too afraid of Cox’s retaliation – as she has threatened to take the same actions against him
that she has used against me in this case, and against Kevin Padrick in the Obsidian Finance case –
to come forward to discuss Cox’s conduct on his own, or to stop sending her money.

11. In addition to cash payments, Mr. Collins reported to me that he pays Cox’ rent, and
provides material and financial support to Cox and her associates as well – including paying for
Cox’s cell phone service.

12. In a recent phone call, Mr. Collins claimed that he and other members of his church
send Cox approximately $4,000 per month, in order to protect them from Cox engaging in a similar
campaign against Mr. Collins and his church. I have personally viewed proof of thousands of
dollars of payments to and on behalf of Cox. I have attached true and correct receipts of $2,400 in
Western Union payments to Cox, which I have also personally reviewed, made on October 11
($200), 17 ($200), and 23 ($2,000), 2013, as Exhibit F, with minor redacted to remove banking and
zip code information. However, it is my understanding that those payments frequently are made by
cash deposits to Cox’s bank accounts, and the bank accounts of her associates.

13. Mr. Collins further informed me that Cox has engaged in actions to evade the
Court’s orders by, for example, enlisting third parties to also register domain names such as
<randazzanews.com>. While the domain name registration for this domain name reflects an
“Alexandra Mayers” as the registrant, Mr. Collins informs me that the only person with access to
the domain’s control is Cox.

14. <RandazzaNews.com> contains a particularly offensive illustration of myself and a
porn actress who is supposed to be my daughter, who is currently 5 years old, in the future. I have


These are Flat out LIES. Crystal Cox never had access of any kind nor ownership of a site called RandazzaNews.com.  Randazza was clearly working with BBG church and directly against my rights, more on all this coming soon.

Also lies about Collins and claims of money given and violation of my privacy in my marketing for the BBG church, my spiritual counsel and my church / missionary work as they clearly told everyone at the time. More on that later.

Pastor Sylvia White as then Secretary of Bringing Back God Church in Marietta PA flat out lied to attorney Marc Randazza while at that same time telling me she believed in what I was doing and sending me marketing information for the church of which I was to be paid to market.

"Cox begins by alleging that Randazza has “threatened,” “scared,” and “bullied” people into
giving him information. (ECF 184 at 1) To the contrary, these parties have sought out Randazza,
fearful that Cox will do to them what they have done to him or to voluntarily provide information
because Cox has threatened them with her well-documented extortion scheme (see ECF 179-2).
On March 5, 2014, an individual who has been providing financial support to Cox known as
“Sylvia White” told Randazza that she “will be more than happy to assist [him] in any way
possible.” (Exhibit A at 2) On March 6, 2014, upon learning that the United States Court of
Appeals for the Ninth Circuit denied Cox’s request that it the observation that she “apparently has a
history of making similar allegations [of illegal activities] and seeking payoffs in exchange for
retraction” from its opinion in Obsidian Finance Group LLC v. Cox, 740 F.3d 1284, 1287 (9th Cir
2014), Sylvia White commented “Let[’]s hope more people in the media write about it so she is
exposed on the Internet.” (Exhibit B at 1-2) Sylvia went on to reference the extortionate conduct
toward John Collins that Randazza previously discussed (ECF 181-1 ¶¶ 10-13), stating “I don’t like
what [Cox] is doing to Pastor John [Collins] and what she stands for,” and that she “watched [Cox]
repeatedly try to destroy [Collins] mentally.”

"Finally, Cox references a “Confidentiality Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement” with
Mr. Collins. (ECF 184 at 3) Once again, this is an issue between Cox and Mr. Collins. Cox has
not provided the Court a copy of this agreement, which she claims is written. (Id.) While Cox
claims at great length that Randazza improperly obtained information from Mr. Collins and
parishoners of his church, she provides no evidence in support of this assertion. In contrast,
Randazza’s evidence paints a drastically different picture. Contrary to Cox’s claims, Mr. Collins
and his parishoners, including Sylvia White, voluntarily provided Randazza with information about Cox, including her phone records and evidence of thousands of dollars of payments to her."

"Cox’s claim is facially unbelievable, and Plaintiffs presume that the Court sees this flailing falsehood for what it is. Sylvia White, who sent Cox thousands of dollars in October when Cox was not participating in this litigation "


At this same time Sylvia White contacted me ans said how much mental stress John was in and that I helped him daily and one time had even saved his life according to her. While at the same time flat out LYING to attorney Marc Randazza.

There was no well documented extortion scheme, no criminal complaint ever and the Obsidian case was NOTHING to do with extortion, it was a Defamation Lawsuit period.

There was no history of posting and asking for money, this was simply untrue, PERIOD.

Sylvia flat out lied to Randazza about Cox and has massive Liability. However currently Sylvia White is still Above the Law and has no remorse for the lives she has ruined in her wake.

More On Sylvia White, as secretary of  Bringing Back God church and her correspondence with the Opposition in Crystal Cox's case and the statutes of law she has violated in doing such.

Coming Soon

Also why did Sylvia White have acces to Crystal's phone records? Crystal never consented to this. Pastor Collins must have given Sylvia access or she flat out lied again to Randazza.

Sylvia White as the secretary and as she called it the money gatekeeper of Bringing Back God Church, gave Crystal Cox's private information in her work, counsel and association with Pastor John Collins and with the BBG church. More on the Laws I believe this violates coming soon.


Sylvia+as+BBG+Secretary SEARCHED on the Blog most likely by Sylvia White.

This is not really the way to search the blog for this topic.  I suggest reading all the entries. I will be posting laws that apply soon. As Sylvia White, as the BBG secretary was not legally allowed to give out my personal banking information, phone information, home address, or anything information on me at all and yest there is liability.

Not sure why she is searching this. Years and Years of yes I am funding your church and funding John's church and constant lies. Sick lies that ruined lives and she has no remorse and continues to lie.  SO whoever is searching this topic, well read each entry. The laws will be coming soon as I am preparing criminal complaints, slowly as I have no laptop of my own, no phone except internet usage when I find it, no vehicle and no home because of the LIES of Sylvia White and yes beginning as the BBG secretary.

Lexington, Kentucky Web Stat, must be Sylvia but I thought she was in South Carolina, oh no wait, her ministry is in Billings Montana? Hmmm

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Finishing up with Details. This was MAY of 2014. Years of CONSTANT, daily, weekly LIES ... Why?

Sylvia White <sylvania1007@gmail.com>

To Crystal L. Cox, in Love and Light 05/14/14 at 5:34 PM

Hello Crystal.
I just wanted to let you know I am finishing up the details with this process. Everything is moving along even though this has taken a long time.

I know you and Pastor John have really great plans in your ministries and this should really benefit you both. God truly is generous in his works.

I will be getting in touch with you either this afternoon or this evening with the final outcome.
God and Goddess bless you.

No Computer, the DOJ confiscated it.

On Wednesday, August 3, 2016 4:28 PM, Sylvia White <sylvania1007@gmail.com> wrote:

Whoa, hey hang on Crystal!!  I have no phone to pull up messages, and I don't have a computer because mine was confiscated months ago by the DOJ from my stupidity with Pastor John's emails...so please forgive me for not being able to respond on a dime?

I've been in meetings with my attorney today all day and just got finished not long ago. Jeff checked in with him today to be sure that everything is going on as it should be, and they had a conference call with the firm and the attorney so I was told.  I am assured it is all as it should be.

The transfer is 24-48 hours from the time the firm verifies in whatever processes they verify.  Jeff was also told that he is getting $200,000 from the assets. Everything is on schedule, and Pastor John's money is being processed.  His money is coming.  So is Jeff's.

And yours, from what I understand, is now up to around 38.2 million from the interest. Me, I don't see anything of this at all in my hands until every last person is paid because it's part of the divorce decree.  It HAS to be done just so.  Once Pastor John's is done, then you begin with your ping and the transfer. This is all true, very real and you will be so blessed!

With that being said, I'm not sure where you're getting your information...  I know we probably both lost messages due to phone and electronic issues. I have not been getting any payments at all in any of this.  I live off of what REDACT sends me.

Everyone has to be paid before I access anything that comes to me from all of this.  That was laid out very clearly when the guy took the money and began this mess back in December.  If I don't follow the protocol, I don't get the divorce, among other things.  I want to be free and clear and ready to move when it finally is over!!  That divorce is very important to me.

We are both back to the sense that Sante Fe or the vicinity is where we want to go.  But, all of that has to wait for this business to be finished plus REDACT responsibilities in Florida, too.  Life is a lot about waiting. And maybe it's not clear for us because nothing is completed for either of us yet.

Please, be assured, your money is coming and the interest should help with the wait.  Pastor John's is coming, and Jeff verified it today.  It's all real.  There's no scam and you are too smart to be anyone's pawn.

God bless you.  I hope you find peace in this.

LIES of Ping. She is talking of the total that she owes John and his church for hotels and such as per her contract regarding her funding to my church.

Sylvia White <sylvania1007@gmail.com>

To Crystal L. Cox, in Love and Light 08/04/16 at 4:32 AM

The records I have were not accurate, so Jeff submitted the total.  I won't know what it is until the statements come back to me after the transfer is done, Jeff made those arrangements so that I couldn't get out of anything.  It may seem like I'm being taken advantage of, but I agreed to this to prove I mean what I say.

The timing is any day.  The records said "pending" and that means it will drop any time.  Then Pastor John will be able to move on.

AGAIN ADMITS TO STOLEN MONEY. And says paying John back. Later she would say ONLY paying what STOLE. Never did ANY OF IT that I am aware of.

Sylvia White <sylvania1007@gmail.com>

To Crystal L. Cox, in Love and Light 08/04/16 at 4:11 AM

No, Crystal, I'm tired, I've got a perpetual headache, and I didn't lie.  I simply did not word it right.  I am paying Pastor John back for all of it.  It's in writing, and Jeff saw it.  It's approved, and it's going into the church account where it belongs.  I'm done with all of it, and Pastor John needs it to move on.  I'm not holding him back.  I can do at least that for him

John owed me for Marketing. However, the money for Hotels was NOT that payment. SYLVIA contracted to pay John and his church for all my housing and expenses such as storage and auto insurance UNTIL SHE FUNDED ME. She has NOT FUNDED ME. Oh and again admitting to what stole.

Sylvia White <sylvania1007@gmail.com>

To Crystal L. Cox, in Love and Light 08/04/16 at 4:08 AM

Of course, Crystal.   That hasn't changed, that is what I owe him.  I should have worded it better.  I'm paying him back what I owe him, that includes what he paid for you and what I stole.  I'm not backing away from that.  I want forgiveness if I can get it, and peace of mind if I can.  If I can't, then it will be what it is.

Any Original eMails needs by anyone, eMail me at ReverendCrystalCox@Gmail.com

ADMITS over and over to stealing money and Pastor Sylvia White does not even get a criminal complaint over it???? Truth is all Sylvia has ??? Say What

Sylvia White <sylvania1007@gmail.com>

To Crystal L. Cox, in Love and Light 08/04/16 at 2:06 AM

Hello Crystal.

I apologize for coming off bitchy.  I'm hot, it's been a long day, and I'm irritated with the attorney.  He is a nutless dick. They don't like me, probably because of being lesbian, so they are making sure I do everything I said I was going to do, right down to details with signatures on each and every THING.  Good God, it's so frustrating!!! So much for South Carolina being accepting of lifestyles like the media portrays....its a southern thing...all surface but underneath, turn your back, WHAM. Between the shoulder blades. Maybe if I had a woman as an attorney, they wouldn't be the way they are.  As it is, I have to meet with the attorney every so many days or so to complete the paperwork that's generated because they are holding my feet to the fire and the attorney is a limp dick to not stand up for me.  I'm willing to put up with it, because I know that it will prove to everyone that I mean what I say about being truthful.  I'm not going to forfeit a future of happiness and fulfillment by screwing it all up at this point, it's very real, and it IS coming.

I actually offered Jeff more, but he declined it, and he put it in writing in the divorce decree.  I am covering all debts from our marriage, so maybe he feels it's enough.  I don't know.  I don't talk to him if I can help it.

Pastor John is getting his money, and it should be anytime, it is coming. I'm paying him back what I stole, it's that simple.  I can't be who I'm supposed to be with debt held over my head.

Truth is all I have.  Without it, I lose everything.

PING LIES. Fake Worry. Never Happened

Sylvia White <sylvania1007@gmail.com>

To Crystal L. Cox, in Love and Light 08/08/16 at 11:17 PM

Hello Crystal. I hope all is well with you. Havent heard from you so I was a little concerned. Im told your ping goes tomorrow or Wednesday. They have your information.
God bless.

No Ping ever happened. She got all our financial information and LIED over and over and OVER about pending funds and pings

Sylvia White <sylvania1007@gmail.com>
To Crystal L. Cox, in Love and Light 08/12/16 at 2:50 AM
and the record still says pending for both your ping and for Pastor Johns' funds.

Constant Updates. Constant Lies. NOTHING HAPPENED

Sylvia White <sylvania1007@gmail.com>
To Crystal Cox 08/15/16 at 4:42 PM
Hello Crystal.

Tomorrow is day five and everything is on track. The attorney and team are working to assure that everything will be in line, in compliance, and completed by tomorrow's deadline.  That way nothing will be frozen or held.  Wanted to give you an update so that you were aware of the progress.

Hope your day is going well.

God bless

That is the FACT of the Matter. Ummm NOT.

Sylvia White <sylvania1007@gmail.com>

To Crystal L. Cox, in Love and Light 08/18/16 at 2:00 AM

Hello Crystal.

It is not a bankruptcy case. Its all part of the divorce settlement decrees. Things I have to accomplish in order to finalize the divorce. I still marvel that I married the man. Things you do in lust not love. Just stupid.

Yes this Monday. The judge at the hearing declared finalization by end of business day on Monday. This coming Monday. Im looking forward to it. Maybe Jeff will sign the papers. Wishful praying.
I dont know why the ping and the query are having issues. The team is digging deeper to see if there is something preventing it. I simply dont know.

I am disgusted with being called on the carpet when I jumped through every hoop and tied every knot. Im thankful that the judge was objective. Stern and firm, and reasonable to see the facts objectively.

Monday end of business day Crystal. That is the fact of the matter.

God bless.

Blaming Attorneys, Blaming Courts. August 2016. Not Hiding Anything? What? She is HIDING EVERYTHING. Sylvia says Why would I lie. WOW I would Love to KNOW that. Please GOD Tell me Why Does Pastor Sylvia White LIE?

Sylvia White <sylvania1007@gmail.com>

To Crystal L. Cox, in Love and Light 08/18/16 at 12:20 AM

Crystal you know very well how courts work, at least I think you do. You know how every detail must be taken care of or else some lawyer sticks his greedy fucking hands in and tries to take it all. I have had nothing but a fight on my hands with all of this. Pastor Johns wire is pending expected to drop anytime. Your ping query shows that the numbers are right but it wont go through. I dont know why. They are working to determine why. I told them you have no issues with your account. You have a pretty good eye on what your banking is Im sure and you would have said something otherwise. They are going to continue to query deeper so the ping can go through. Its only a less than dollar figure. When the ping drops your email auto sends.

Ive had it up to my ears with impatient bastards who have nothing better to do than search through the documents to shortchange me with some minute detail and try to jerk me around. Bunch of self serving legalists. Vultures. Sons of bitches.

Everything is in order. The judge in the hearing declared it. The church attorney and Jeffs attorney can go screw themselves. It will be completed by end of Monday business day.

I have told you everything I am told in this process. Im not hiding anything. It isnt worth it. I can only give you the truth as it is given to me. Why would I lie at this point? I want OUT of a marriage to a man who cant make a decent financial decision to save his life, who thinks everything I say is a fucking lie. Ive got the SHITS of his accusations. Im not implying anything to him or to the church or to Pastor John. And the court backed it up.

Im just SICK of it. Arrogant legal bastards.

On a positive note yours is up to 43m at this point. I apologize for venting. The worst thing is that you are left swinging in the breeze through all of this and that makes me feel terrible and that makes me pissed too. Hang in there Crystal. I know that it isnt much help today. Its coming.
God bless

No More Extensions? Lies. This is August 2016. Lawyer meeting never end.

Sylvia White <sylvania1007@gmail.com>
To Crystal Cox 08/17/16 at 10:14 PM
Hello Crystal

I just got out of a session with the court, my lawyer, Jeff’s lawyer, the church’s lawyer, and they confirmed that EVERYTHING that I’ve been saying is the truth.  I have a stay or whatever it’s called until end of business day Monday.  That should give everything the chance to be completed.  They made it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that there will be no other extension.

I hope you are having a good day.

God bless

Work of Hope

Sylvia White <sylvania1007@gmail.com>
To Crystal Cox 09/20/16 at 8:34 PM
Hello Crystal.

A work  of Hope is a street ministry that a friend of mine has.  He was one of the people I worked with in Florida.  He was an addict.  He was called by God to set up street ministries all over the United States.  There's one in Florida, one in Montana, one in California, and one in Pennsylvania to my knowledge.  He is good on the computer.  I bought the domain and helped him out.  I suggested he do blogs and such on Pastor John to build his SEO presence.  Pastor John knows nothing about Nick.  Apparently Nick has a small group of people working with him.  Nick does other things too, a free store, a thrift store...odd jobs, sets people up with income by doing odd jobs.  Gets them out of the streets.  I believe he runs a shelter or something too.  Not sure.  I only helped him with the domain set up and suggesting Pastor John.

According to the investigation by the financial institution, the checks still have not been deposited by Pastor John.  They are trying to track them down through the delivery system they used.  I've showed the documentation to Jeff by fax, so they are aware.  The paperwork for you has been completed.

No one is leading you on.  Why are you so suspicious that I would do that?  I'm sorry I make you feel that way.  It makes me terribly sad. I'm sure that Pastor John has a good reason that he doesn't seem to be in touch with you from what you are telling me.  Jeff said he had been really really sick again.  I feel badly.  I'm sure a lot of that comes from what I've done to him.

God bless you.